Kickstarter Launch Date Set, Facebook, and The Gathering

1.  Updated Kickstarter Launch date: January 23rd

2.  Mea Culpa: sorry for frequent gaps in communication and delaying the launch date.  I intend to be more communicative, especially during the KS.

3. Pre-KS primary communication channel: I am now going to post all updates on the Doublesix Dice Facebook page, and steer the conversation there.

4. Current Dice Production:  on pause as the minimum order is now 50,000 units (up from 5,000 the past several months).  Explanation below.

5. The Game no more, but maybe The Gathering, instead: I have heard a lot of feedback that The Game I wanted to run during the Kickstarter campaign was too ambitious and overly complicated.  I have humbly and reluctantly decided to scrap it, but do want to consider making stretch goals based on how many games backers play with each other online, or in person.  More details below.

And here is the TL;DR:

1. Why January for KS launch?  Partly to avoid competing holiday distraction and spending.  The 23rd is because that is my favorite number, and it gives me about 3 weeks post-holidays to prepare.  Also, because I am chronic procrastinator currently relapsing.

2. Sorry: about how often I go dark.  This recent pause was partly due to the wind taken out of my sails in realizing The Game I wanted to play during the KS was too much.  But because of how busy and lazy I can be, it is a good idea that I didn’t add something as complicated and labor intensive as producing and creating a complex and global meta-game.

I want to get into better habits, especially prior to the launch.  I hope to increase my productivity and stay more engaged and communicative, but I think I need help.  Please feel free to check in, encourage, or even nag me to keep taking steps and to give more timely updates.  It is also why I am going to experiment with…

3. Facebook as the primary channel: It is harder for me to avoid and ignore everyone if people are publically asking me questions and nagging me.  My main coping strategy in life is avoidance.  Running another Kickstarter will be fun and I want to do it, but it will be work, which is why I have been dragging my feet.

Facebook is where lots of people hang anyway, and posting there is a good place to archive all our photos, videos, posts, and conversations.

4. Production: since I can no longer produce 5,000 units for the next several months, it is an added reason to proceed with the KS ASAP (I need capital to pay for the minimum 50K order).  Here is a quote from the email from the factory:

“It’s near Christmas and New Year, after that we have Chinese New Year, I’m sorry that we only accept order more than 50k pcs befoer Jan 20th, ‘coz we need to minimize the gap time between orders.

We will start CNY holiday from Jan 20th and end on Feb 20th, that means your order of 5k pcs need to be wait for quotation in March, will it work for you? Or it’s there’re any other plans of your order which are closer to 50k pcs? If so, I could help you arrange them first.”

5.  The Gathering: thanks to those who gave me honest feedback that The Game idea was too much.  I am now seeking feedback on this idea:

Stretch goals will be tied to the number games played by backers, online or in person.  Online options could include Boardgame ArenaTabletopiaIG Gamecenter, and Yucata.

Photos of a board game played in real life can be uploaded to a specific Doublesix Dice facebook post, and I could simply just track the comment count.

Why bother?  Because I want a bigger mission than to just sell more dice.  The Gathering seems worthwhile, and more doable than The Game.  What do you think?