Current restocking, and The Game

1) Next dice:  Marble green with Gold (5,000 units) have just been made and are about to be airmailed to me to restock the store.  What do you think the next color and style should be produced?

2) The Game:  As I mentioned before, I am hoping to turn the Kickstarter Campaign into an actual game.  I want us to have fun brainstorming how this might work.  Here are some of my ideas.  Please challenge and question them, and propose your own ideas:

  • Faction: Upon joining the campaign, every player/backer will be assigned to one of two factions based on the numerical date of their birth (Odd or Even).
  • Map: The world map will be our game board, which players can update in real time as they play (I am thinking Google Maps, but please suggest others).  Territories will marked by zip/post codes, within which there will be marked critical Sites:
    • Ground Sites: anywhere public that boardgames are played: FLGS, game-focused cafes, pubs, and bars.
    • Digital Sites: the headquarters of boardgame related media, like blogs, Youtube channels, podcasts, etc
  • Acquiring territories: a site is controlled by the faction with the most members living near or in that territory that claim it (members can only claim one territory at a time).  A territory is controlled by the faction controlling the most critical sites in that territory.
  • Challenging territories: A faction can attempt to take over a site controlled by the opposing faction by challenging that faction to games.
    • For this Kickstarter, I was thinking of starting with dice related games, and/or Kickstarted games, especially more casual ones.
    • Ground Sites can only be challenged in person/IRL (the game needs to be played at the actual site)
    • Digital Sites are challenged digitally (players compete online)
  • Goal: be on the faction that controls the most territories by the end of the Kickstarter Campaign.

As a result of this KS campaign, there will be a growing master list and map of all relevant boardgame resources and contact info.  This will be used for several purposes:

  1. It will be used to market the campaign during the Kickstarter
  2. The contact list will be available to all members that might need them for their own game related projects or Kickstarters
  3. The map and list will serve as a base for another related Kickstarter project to follow, which is the larger point of this campaign and Doublesix Dice.

Risks:  Mike Brodu brought attention to the risks that Kickstarter might not allow certain variations of a game.  They explicitly forbid “contests.”  I am reaching out to them for more clarity.  Meanwhile, we can still brainstorm.

Please help me develop, and eventually playtest, this game.  All feedback and ideas are welcome.


Welcome to The Council

What is The Council?

The Council is made up of anyone who wants to be involved with Doublesix Dice, the upcoming Kickstarter campaign, and what might lie beyond.

The Mission of The Council is to work together to help us all play more.  Currently, the focus is on the next Doublesix Dice Kickstarter campaign.

Passive members are those who simply read this blog, and maybe even follow/subscribe to it (ie. get email updates everytime a blog post is published; see the right-hand margin to sign up).  They might become active if sufficiently moved.

Active members vote in polls and comment to blog posts (with feedback, questions, and ideas).  This blog also allows members to get email updates of anyone commenting in a particular blog post (only by choosing that option after the member makes a comment).

Hopefully, you are intrigued enough to stick around a little longer.

Roll on and better,


To email me back-channel, contact me via DoublesixDice at gmail.

Note: Email alerts might get filtered as spam.  For Gmail users, some email alerts go to the Social tab, and need to be filtered to be recategorized as Personal to appear in the Primary inbox.

Testing site for discussion optimization

I hope to vastly increase and ease conversation as we prepare for the next Kickstarter.

The idea is that this blog is one way to optimize discussion (and be better than group email chains and a step down from forum software) by:

  • allowing readers to subscribe/follow to getting email alerts for every blog post that is published
  • allowing commentors to easily get email updates when other readers post additional comments in the same post
  • allowing for the easy unsubscribing/unfollowing of blog posts, and/or comments within a post
  • archiving the conversation in easy-to-read oldest comments first

Beta-testers, could you please:

  • follow the blog
  • leave a comment below, and then request notification of new comments via email
  • then unsubscribe from follow-up comments once you get a few
  • unfollow the blog

Note: for Gmail users, some email alerts go to the Social tab, and need to be filtered to be recategorized as Personal to appear in the Primary inbox.

Ultimately, I want to see if this format will be good enough to have discussions regarding Doublesix Dice and the next Kickstarter.  Eventually, we might have to switch to a forum or Slack if we hit a critical mass of commenting, but that could be a ways off.

If you don’t think this blog format will be good enough for now, please suggest alternatives.  Thanks.