New Classics en route

I am slowly restocking the online store while I prepare for the next Kickstarter (for Generation 2).

I am experimenting with the cheapest and best way to airmail the restock dice.  The first box below contains about 500 Classics (Glossy Ivory with black), as well as several other random dice samples I want to check out to help determine future colors and styles (image below).

Our operations manager in China, Emma, is coordinating this first box, and estimates it should cost about $50 to airmail it (about 2.6 KG), which will add roughly 10 cents to each die.  The box should leave the factory in Foshan today, heading to Hong Konk, where it will then hop on a plane to head to Arlington, VA (USA).

I am also asking Longright themselves to airmail me a similar box of 500 Classics, so I can compare pricing and speed.