Backerkit being built, and production resuming.

In case you missed it, a Kickstarter update was posted on Feb 25th.  Check it out HERE.

Some folks were interested in helping with the Backerkit build, so they watched this video:

They gave helpful feedback, summarized and responded to below:

Dear Backerkit Beta-video watchers,

Thanks for all those that watched, and especially those that commented.  Very helpful.
Here is a summary of the feedback:
1) Make the Fudge pack contain 8 dice.  Action: Done, and it will remain the same price as all the other 6-packs.
2) Poor and potentially confusing user experience on Backerkit’s part.  Action: I have made a video for Sean at Backerkit to point this out, to see if they can fix it by the Doublesix Backerkit Launch.  Regardless, I will make a waltkthrough video for all backers to view prior to entering Backerkit.  I made a short video for Backerkit about these UX problems:

3) All agree that images are needed. Action: I am working on adding images.  You can see how I do it here:


However, I am running into more bugs during a dry-run (you can see the video I made for Sean about this here:
4) Is there a place for notes, like combining shipments from various orders, or local game-store pick-up?  Good question, and I will explore with Sean.
5) Yes, that is my office address in the video.  I didn’t blur it out (I want to trust you guys 🙂
6) Classics 6-pack missing (need to add that!)
7) No pa pal sucks.  Agreed.
8) International shipping will need to be clarified up front and during.
9) I need to think about the best time to lock the order (I was thinking right before I am ready to pack the orders).  But I haven’t done this before, so I may need to rethink this.
10) Backers will need to be reminded to KEEP THE INVITE EMAIL, so they know how to get back into the Backerkit to make changes.
11) Mobile optimization…would be ideal, but in Backerkit’s hands, and a lower priority for me.
Chugging along….