Images of the Colored Doublesix Dice samples

IMG_4437 (1)

The back row dice, and the four on the right (middle row) came as matte finish.  The four on the bottom right are glossy, and you can compare them to the same color dice directly above them.

Since the matte-finish ones look very dusty and chalky, I am going to request that all the dice be glossy.

The left middle row are the SableFox, Doublefudge, Monty, and Otaku.

And under that are the marble dice.

My first impressions about the colors: I am happy with most except the Marble Red with Gold (looks too pink), the Marble Blue with Silver (too hard to read the pips), and the orange paint on black (for the 4ier…too peachy).

I am now asking Longbright:

1) What is the deal with the chalky dice?

2) Is this the new sample mold?  And if so, do they now need to build the production mold?

3) To send me samples off the production mold prior to starting mass production.

4) What are they going to do to prevent warping on this run?

5) To make the Marble red way darker.

6) To change the Marble Blue with Silver to Marble Blue with Black.

7) To make the orange paint darker and less peachy.

8) What is the ETA on the Jazzy Bear and 4ier samples?

Doublesix Colored Dice in Bags

Here are individual images:

Glossy Red with Black Double Fudge MRG GGB GBR GBWGRW 4OMOB 4JMYB MPB 4MGTB MBW MPW GYB FBT MGG GBG FBG GIB FBG (fresh) FBT (fresh) IMG_4506-v2-100px IMG_4501-v2-100px IMG_4510-v2-100px marble purple with white_zps1gyifbo3Settlers RedSettlers Yellow MPB GBR GBW GGBMRGGlossy Red with Black

settler dice_zpsnr4kwkl4 otaku-pair-v2 monty-pair-v2 jazzy-bear-pair-v2 fudge-pair-v2

collector pack 1 v2_zpsodnjkmwt



collector pack 3 v2_zps61ta1mcy