Longbright silicone mold samples (photos)

Dear Team Doublesix,

I wish I had more to report, and was waiting to get some samples to film and share, but it could take a little longer, so here is a current update on where we stand.

Good news: Longbright is done with the silicone samples.

Bad news: They are too small.  Due to a problem with the file conversion, they made the dice 18 mm instead of 18.75 mm, which is why the final tumbled die (pictured below) is about 17.69 mm. This mistake will add about 10 more days to this path.

(Note: the difference between 18 mm and 18.75 sounds small, but it is significant to me, as I spoke about and showed in this video clip).

Also worth noting: Sebastian (our 3d designer) anticipated there could be some problems with the file conversions, which is why we sent 2 different versions of the same files, and asked both Ningbo and Longbright to confirm that the files were 18.75 mm before continuing.

I have requested that Longbright mail the samples to me so I can double-check the quality.  They look good from the images below, and I am encouraged.

If I am happy (and believe me, I want to be), we will then make the proper size silicone mold (10 days quoted), then get those samples to confirm mass production.

More bad news:  Ningbo confirmed on Sept 12th they downloaded the files (for both the silicone and metal molds).  When I checked in on 9/24 to make sure the dice were 18.75 mm (after realizing the Longbright had some troubles with their conversion), Ningbo said (on 9/26) the dice were 18.75 mm.  I then thanked them for the confirmation on 9/29.  Then on 9/30, she (Sunny has now taken over from James) “So you want to make the silicone mould?”  Um, yeah…I thought that was pretty clear.

I stated again that I wanted both made, and asked (on 9/30) for an update on the time frames for both.  I followed up today, since I have yet to hear back.  Also haven’t heard back from Longbright since my 9/30 email confirming sample shipment.

I suspect both companies are celebrating the National Golden Week, which could delay us even more (thanks to Jazzy Bear for bringing our attention to this holiday).

Anyway, here are some photos of the Longbright silicone samples, which I think look pretty good. Note: I requested the pips to be 2.1 mm, which is larger than the 2.0 mm pips on the initial Ningbo samples, and smaller than the 2.3 mm pips that were/will be on the Ningbo metal mold.






Thanks all,